4 Reasons To Choose Floor-Mounted Air Conditioning Over Wall-Mounted

Any type of air conditioning system can provide a refreshingly cool environment during even the hottest of summer days, and yet it's still worth considering the differences between them. For many homeowners, the most fundamental decision will be between a floor-mounted unit or a wall-mounted unit.

They both work the same way, but a floor-mounted unit is fitted close to the floor or on the floor, whereas wall-mounted units are fitted around head height. While both offer their own benefits and drawbacks, here are just a few reasons you might want to consider a floor-mounted air conditioner over a wall-mounted unit.

1. Faster Cooling

Floor-mounted and wall-mounted air conditioners might work in essentially the same way, but floor-mounted units often offer faster cooling. This is because air circulation tends to be better lower down, especially in homes with high ceilings. Additionally, the cool air will be coming out closer to where you and your family will actually be, so you'll generally feel the effect of a floor-mounted unit much faster.

2. Less Obtrusive

While it's true that many of the latest wall-mounted air conditioning units offer modern styling that can fit in with the rest of your home, many people dislike having them taking up wall space. They aren't very discreet, and they take up room that could have been used to have pictures or place other items. This isn't such an issue for floor-mounted air conditioners. Being fitted low to the ground makes them less noticeable and doesn't tend to use space that would have been ideal for pictures and other décor.

3. Easier To Fit

Even if you don't mind how wall-mounted air conditioning units look, you might simply find it hard to place one. Wall space is often limited due to anything from large windows to low-angled ceilings, and this can mean the air conditioning unit needs to be placed in a location that's less than ideal. Limited space is often less of a concern lower down a wall, so floor-mounted don't tend to present such issues.

4. Easier To Access

One issue with wall-mounted units is that they can be quite hard to access. This isn't always a problem since most units now come with remote controls, but it can make it harder to perform any maintenance or keep the unit clean — in fact, it's often surprising just how much dust manages to accumulate along the top of a wall-mounted unit. In contrast, floor-mounted air conditioners are considerably easier to maintain and keep clean.

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