Handy Features to Look Out for in a Split System Air Conditioner

A split-system air conditioner is ideal for cooling one or several rooms. These systems provide a lot of different features, and you may not want or need them all. To help you decide which ones may benefit you, here's a list of several handy ones to consider for your aircon installation.

Human Sensor

Some air conditioners have a sensor that recognises a person's body heat. So these units can tell if a room is empty. They typically work on a preset delay period, which may be 15, 30, or 45 minutes or so. Once the sensor can't detect body heat in a room, it will begin a timer and then turn itself off if the preset period is reached. This timer prevents the air conditioner from switching off if you just leave a room for a few minutes.

Rather than turning off, some air conditioners react to an empty room by going into economy mode or another type of mode. Do your research with this feature, as they're set up differently depending on the model. Some offer night and day versions of the sensor feature as well.

Variable Fan Speeds

A split system works by pulling in the air from the room and flowing it over cold pipes inside the evaporator unit. The ambient warmth in the air transfers to the pipes (and to the refrigerant inside them). That same air then blows back into the room, but it is now cool as the warmth has been extracted.

If you choose an air conditioner with a variable fan speed, you can control the rate at which the air flows in and out. A very high setting can cool a room quickly, but it may be noisy (depending on the model). A very low fan speed will reduce draughts, and it may be all you need in an already comfortable room. Variable fan speeds will give you more options for home cooling.

Adjustable Louvres

Adjustable louvres are a deceptively simple feature that helps you get the most out of your air conditioning. Typically, this feature is controlled with a remote that lets you angle the louvres upwards, downwards, or sideways. This feature is especially handy in a reverse-cycle split system, which heats and cools. The reason for this is that warm and cool air behave differently, and you can take advantage of this by adjusting the louvres.

While warm air naturally rises to the ceiling, cold air automatically falls to the floor. Thus, if the system is in heating mode, you can angle the louvres downward to direct the warmed air toward the ground. From there, the warmed air will naturally flow upward, improving air circulation and ensuring that all parts of the room are warmed.

In cooling mode, you can do the opposite by directing the louvres upwards so the cold air flows towards the ceiling. This cool air will automatically drop towards the floor, again ensuring efficient room air circulation and a more evenly cooled room.

WiFi Connectivity

If you want to control the air conditioning when you're not home, opt for a model that can connect to WiFi. Then, on a hot day, you can switch on the cooling from your smartphone before you arrive home, so it will be comfortable when you get there. If your beloved pets are inside on a hot day and you're out, you can moderate the house's temperature for them using WiFi.

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