Mistakes You Should Avoid to Ensure Your Commercial Air Conditioner Runs Efficiently

Like many other business owners, you understand that keeping your commercial premises comfortable and healthy is essential to maximise the productivity of your employees and keep customers happy when they come through your doors. That is why you don't want to make mistakes that will hurt the performance of your AC system.

Unfortunately, it is not just the performance of your cooling system that should worry you. If you don't take steps to optimise cooling in your commercial building, you may face high air conditioning operating costs.

Avoiding common mistakes made during AC selection and purchase, installation, usage, maintenance and repairs can help keep your AC operations as efficient as possible. Here are a few commercial air conditioning mistakes to avoid.

Wrong AC type 

Long-term thinking is your best strategy for optimising the efficiency of your commercial cooling system.

For instance, a small plug-in unit that mounts on the window or stands on the floor can be suitable for cooling a single room within your office space. However, if you intend to cool other rooms in the subsequent years, the entire process of installing separate units can be expensive. The cost of operating all the individual units throughout the office can also be high.

If you aim to cool multiple rooms within the workplace concurrently, you might be better off installing a central or multi-split system the first time. These conditioners cost more upfront but can lead to huge energy and cost savings over the long term.

Incorrect AC size

Air conditioner sizes vary to match the needs of different buildings. To size your air conditioner correctly, you need to calculate your commercial cooling demand beforehand and find a unit that matches that demand.

An oversized AC unit will waste energy due to the extra cooling capacity. An undersized one will also waste energy, as it will run continuously to keep your commercial space cool and comfortable.

Lack of a programmable thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat can help with your AC efficiency goals if you consider that you may forget to make adjustments to your cooling schedule during regular office hours.

With a programmable thermostat, your commercial air conditioner will work according to your predetermined cooling schedule, allowing you to save energy when the office is unoccupied.

Inadequate AC maintenance

Like other mechanical equipment, air conditioners require routine maintenance to run smoothly and efficiently. Neglecting maintenance on your commercial air conditioning system is a surefire way to hurt the system's efficiency. 

Lack of an AC system upgrade

Air conditioning system models become outdated with time. Most newer models run more efficiently than their predecessors. Using obsolete cooling equipment will do little to help with your efficiency goals. Shop around for new models that can offer better efficiency.

Optimising the efficiency of your commercial air conditioning system is essential for saving energy and money over the long term. Contact an HVAC company like Climate Design Services for more information on how to make your AC operations more efficient. 

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