5 Common AC Issues That Require Repair

An air conditioner is a delicate appliance that needs constant care if it is to perform at peak capacity. Here are several common air conditioning problems that can make you struggle as the heatwave comes in.

A Dirty Air Filter

When you delay the cleaning of your air conditioner for a long time, it gets clogged. Clogging in the air filter restricts proper air circulation. As such, there is a marked inefficiency of your appliance cooling the air. The most immediate solution is to clean the filter as soon as you think of it. The long-term solution is a schedule for its regular inspection and maintenance, ensuring that there is no repeat of such problems.

Refrigerant Leakage

You may only notice there is a problem when the coolant begins to leak in your AC. It makes the temperatures fluctuate considerably. Repairs can be quite costly, depending on the exact location of the leak. Therefore, you need to schedule annual inspections and maintenance to ensure this problem does not occur.

Clogging in the Drainage

If you have not been regularly checking your AC drainage, the chances are that the drain pan is full of dirt and dust. The container fills up, causing water leakage, which can cause damage to your AC unit. Have an HVAC expert on-site to check there is not dirt clogging the drain pan regularly.

Compressor Issues

The compressor is an essential feature of the AC unit that applies energy to the refrigerant. It then propels the same power through the coils so that there is sufficient heat exchange. Generally, if it is not working optimally, your house doesn't cool. You also need to have enough refrigerant for the compressor. Too little refrigerant causes the compressor to run extremely hot, while too much causes it to go back to the compressor, causing it to malfunction.

Breaker or Fuse Issues

Generally, breakers and fuses play a critical role in ensuring that the AC motor or compressor doesn't overheat. Most times, when a motor fails to work or dies, the first thing an air conditioning repair technician inspects is the breaker to confirm if it's the cause.

You can avoid costly repairs to your AC unit and the accompanying inconveniences. All you need to do is schedule annual inspection and maintenance services to ensure your unit is in perfect condition at all times. Reach out to air conditioning repair professionals to learn more today.

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