4 Types of Commercial Refrigerators

Are you running a food or beverage business? You will need a commercial refrigeration system for your business success. The type of commercial refrigerator for your organisation will need depends on your scale of production, expected temperatures, as well as temperature differences. Refrigeration is necessary for removing heat from materials. Before you purchase commercial refrigeration equipment, you will need to know more about the various types of refrigerators on the market. They include;

Walk-in refrigerators

If you are running a restaurant or supermarket, the most compelling option would be a walk-in refrigerator. These machines require immense storage space since they can store a surfeit of food and beverages. Most business owners install shelving units within these machines for maximum organisation. Walk-in fridges are perfect for storing alcohol, juices and boxed items.

Reach-in refrigerators

These appliances are necessary for high-traffic restaurants and businesses. They provide ample space for storing vast amounts of food and beverages. Moreover, others are available with dual zones which allow you to store your food and drinks at different temperatures. If you need one with more storage capacity, you can opt for a double-door reach-in fridge. Reach-in refrigerators come with castors for moving the machine from one place to another. They also store products in a way that allows immediate public view and easy accessibility.

Merchandiser refrigerators

You should put your merchandiser refrigerator in the store or restaurant front. You can also put it behind your front counter. This cooling device gives the customer an immediate view of the items inside. The food and beverage containers are easily accessible to the public. Merchandiser refrigerators have the same storage style as reach-in style refrigeration systems. They are perfect for enabling the stability of items such as jugs and bottles in the machine.

Undercounter refrigerators

These compact and small cooling machines can provide commercial-level cooling power. These appliances can also function as freezers, and you can purchase them to complement the large merchandisers or fridges. You can use the top part of the under-counter refrigerator as your prep table, thanks to its small size. What's more, these appliances can still function as the commercial reach-in refrigerators. Undercounter refrigeration systems are ideal for frequent and quick storage in smaller areas. This device is essential in your kitchen and offers additional portability.

You will need a commercial refrigerator to protect your customers from food-borne illness due to improper food storage. A refrigeration system will also ensure the food and beverages are at adequate serving temperatures. You should select your type of refrigerator depending on your needs. To learn more about commercial refrigeration, consult a resource in your area.

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