Signs that your ductwork needs cleaning and sealing this summer

Your HVAC system comes in handy in the summer because it is your best escape from the extreme heat, stuffiness, dust and humidity. However, to get the best out of your system, you need to think about proper cleaning and maintenance for your ducted air conditioning. Some people ignore this part of HVAC maintenance and insist that it is not worth spending your money. However, the benefits of the process are countless, which is why you need to insist on proper cleaning and sealing this season. Here are three major signs that your HVAC system needs proper cleaning and sealing this summer.

Your energy bills have soared

When the ducts are not working as they should, a massive percentage of the air which is supposed to circulate and keep it cold might be escaping through leaks, holes and other openings in the ductwork. When this loss is allowed to persist, your home will have a reduced quality of indoor air, and the system will use more electricity to cool down the house, raising your power bill. Experts, therefore, recommend the repair and replacements of the parts of your ductwork which are torn this summer.

Your home is less comfortable than before

Another indicator that you need someone to check your ductwork is the comfort levels in your home. When the system is working well, the temperatures will neither be too high nor too low, there will not be excessive humidity, and your house will have fresh air at all times. As a result, you will experience perfect comfort inside the home. However, if you are struggling to stay indoors because of the heat and stuffiness, you need to have your ducts inspected and necessary repairs made.

Endless allergies

While it is true that people experience more allergies in the summer than any other time of the year, the sicknesses can be made more severe by the presence of pollens and spores circulating in the AC system. The presence of these minute particles in the system is the direct result of issues with the ductwork such as leakages and failure of the air filters. When the ductwork is being checked by a professional, the air filters will be inspected and replaced if contaminated.

These are some of the standard indicators that you will need to look for experts in the maintenance of your air ducts this summer. When the systems are working correctly, your home will have fresh air and more comfort this hot season.

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