Top 4 Features In a New HVAC System That Warrant An Upgrade

A HVAC system is a truly important system in any business out there. It brings the environment to proper working temperatures and even boosts productivity. However, if the system ages, its inefficiency is greatly compromised, and you'll have to either replace the unit or upgrade it. You'll also have to change the specifications of the HVAC system if you're renovating the building. This is necessary so as to ensure the new building size matches the HVAC requirements. So if you're looking to make an upgrade to your HVAC system, here are some of the best features to consider.

Low Circulation Costs

When upgrading, you may want to look for HVAC systems that take your circulation costs low. New models are able to do this quite effectively by allowing the compressor to switch off when the temperatures are at favourable conditions. The compressor is a part of the system that enables it to circulate the air at higher pressures. In days when the temperatures are favourable, perhaps the cool days, the air conditioner only uses its fan to circulate air. This contributes greatly in reducing costs by saving on the power needed by the compressor.

Programmable Thermostats

You could also take advantage of programmable thermostats when making an upgrade. This is a lot better as compared to the manual ones. Their advantage is that you'd have more power in your hands. For instance, you could set the thermostat to perform its heating or cooling only when there are people in the building. You could also program alerts like when it's time for a maintenance check.


If you're located in areas where the humidity levels maintain a consistent high or low throughout the year, then it's about time you upgrade to HVAC systems with humidifiers.  Don't simply get an air conditioning system, it would only ensure the temperatures are as you please. Humidifiers go the extra mile of increasing or reducing the moisture levels in the building. They inject moisture as a mist or pull air from it and filter out the moisture.

Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the best things an upgrade will do for you is reducing the energy you consume, and for commercial buildings, that's a huge save. Newer models have inbuilt tech such as 'solar heat distribution systems' that can reduce the energy used. They are therefore a good tool in boosting your profit margins. Just get a model with a low EER (Energy Efficient Ratio). It gives a picture of the relationship between the cooling capabilities in British Thermal Units to the power input.

For more information on commercial air conditioning, talk to a professional.

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